Are you an Iranian person who is now away from home? You feel yourself to be a stranger in your land because you can`t use Iranian websites and apps. IP-IRAN is the solution that should be looked for. in co, we guarantee that you get an authentic and secure Iranian IP immediately.

This comprehensive guide is all about IP Iran addresses and how to get them. co lets you steer the way to join with Iranian culture from anywhere you are in the World.


What is an IP Iran Address?

An IP address is a digital fingerprint that your device uses to identify itself on the internet. They use this address to know your location and provide feed tailored to you. The Iranian IP address means your device is regarded as being in Iran, allowing you to unlock the Iranian websites and apps that are blocked internationally.

Why Use an IP Iran Address?

There are numerous reasons why Iranians residing abroad might require an IP Iran address:

  • Access Geo-restricted Content: Most Iranian platforms websites, banking apps, public services, educational resources, video streaming sites, and social networks are available only in Iran with the Ip-Iran address. removes this barrier, which enables you to be always connected to your homeland and use all online services available in Iran.
  • Unblock Entertainment Platforms: Filimo, Namava, and Aparat, the most famous ones among Iranian streaming services, have a wide selection of films, TV series, and documentaries. With an IP Iran from, you can gain access to the endless ocean of entertainment where you can get up to date with the latest shows while inside the room watching your favorite show be it live or recorded.
  • Manage Financial Affairs: Several Iranian banks have local websites that are only accessible to people with Iranian IP addresses. enables you to control your finances from anywhere, access your bank accounts, and make online transactions safely.
  • Access Educational Resources: The number of Iranian universities and educational institutions that provide online learning platforms and resources that are accessible only with IP Iran address has increased significantly. With, Ip you can go on learning or pursuit of essential pieces of information wherever you are. In other words, an IP Iran address from helps to overcome the geographical distance and makes it possible to see the Iranian online world.

Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits you’ll enjoy with’s IP Iran address service:

  • Unrestricted Access: Have access to all Iranian websites and apps without any restrictions, including online banking, educational resources, video platforms, government services, and social media platforms.
  • Unlimited Data Usage: Use unlimited data access without bothering with data caps and restrictions.
  • Secure Connection: Feel comfortable that your data transmissions and online works are encrypted through the shielded networks that Iran VPN offers.
  • Dedicated Ip Iran Address: provides a dedicated IP Iran address to each user, which is why the service is more secure and stable.
  • 24/7 Support: Get help from our 24/7 customer support based on WhatsApp, Telegram, phone, email, and Instagram.
  • User Authentication: Authentication for a user guarantees that the core service will function properly and avoids misuse. puts the safety of its users and the highest quality of service above all, thus becoming the most trusted provider of IP Iran addresses to Iranians living abroad.

How Ip Iran Addresses Enhance Your Online Experience

The application of an IP address specified for and associated with Iran through the ip-iran.

  • Improved Online Privacy: The geolocation of the IP address would be the line of your privacy if you hide your IP address and replace it with one from Iran. This is of paramount importance for those users who want to be private and secure in their online activities.
  • Streamlined Verification Processes: For instance, in most services in Iran an IP address must be inside the country required for verification or sign-up procedures. By having an IP Iran address, you can relatively easily accomplish these procedures; thus, you can be sure that you are unimpeded to use the services that support the continuity of daily life and special events.

Why Choose

When picking an IP service provider, the main criteria include its current ability to satisfy you as well as its capability to continue delivering on that promise in the future.

  • Consistent Service Quality: Providing high-quality service with our strong and secure infrastructure is our top priority so that you do not experience disruptions and can always access Iranian content without interruption.
  • Compliance and Security: We always follow the highest security standards to protect your personal and transactional information from cyber attacks.
  • Transparent Practices: We work with high transparency and ethics principles aiming your data to be secured in all processes.


Whether you are an expatriate who wants to stay in touch with his/her roots or a student who needs to access Iranian academic resources, is the only solution that is reliable, secure, and efficient and that is tailored to your needs. The job of our service is to maintain your connection to Iran, no matter your location in the world, so you will be able to do your task without any barriers. At we are confident to provide the personness for you by dedicated IP addresses which have direct contact with Iran just like you have with people. The expert team is dedicated to every user to ensure that he or she gets the highest level of satisfaction and reliability, creating a bond that surpasses even expectations. We take pride in our reliability in linking you with all your loved ones back in Iran, making it possible to continue your studies or business smoothly through a high-speed and uninterrupted connection.

Iran IP is a tunneling service to replace the IP of Iran with the current IP of the country you are currently in.
After traveling from Iran to any other country, you will need a VPN with an Iranian IP to access banking and non-banking websites of Iran from abroad. The reason is the blocking of access outside Iran for security reasons by banks, Iranian companies and the government.
Yes, after buying Iran VPN from site, you can have full access to all banking sites, bank accounts, Internet banks, online video viewing sites including Namava and Filmo, as well as corporate and government sites.
After purchasing a subscription from the Iran IP site, where you can make your payment in dollars and Tomans, your subscription will include your username, password, and Iran server address, and you will receive an email and SMS according to the training section of the site. Use the sent service.